post + photos by amy nadine, graphic design by eunice chun

I love streamlining anything and everything. One of my proudest accomplishments is traveling with a client and minimizing my kit to a small doctor’s bag (revisit my here for fitting foundation and cream blush in the smallest of clutches). So I’m super excited to bring you today’s little gem! I know I haven’t convinced everyone to bump it up to false lashes for parties and nights out on the town yet (even with our showing you just how easy and foolproof applying them is!). But I know a lot of you have made the leap and are having a lot of fun with it! So how do you store them? In mint tins of course! Here’s how: 

You can re-wear full and half strips over and over until you’ve determined their time has come. Any time the glue gets too thick from the night before, just peel it off and add more. Then toss them in the mint can with a mini travel glue (I love because it’s formaldehyde-free, FDA-approved and has soothing chamomile). Use double-sided tape or that sticky tape that brands use in magazines to adhere product samples to keep the glue in place. You can store multiple pairs in one can. lash strips, and   are my all-time favorites.
You can cut  a couple of rows by sizing it to the width + length of the mini case and take it with you in your purse to pop some on when you go straight from work to a dinner date. Or you can toss them in by themselves to reuse another time. are my favorite individual lashes.