It’s that time of year again! These are my favorite discoveries of the last twelve months in makeup and skincare, with an inexpensive option for each one. Some debuted this year while others still reign supreme. Either way, you’re going to want to try them if you haven’t already! Without further ado…


  • Full Coverage Foundation (Splurge) :  comes in a gazillion shades for every skin tone and covers everything without looking chalky.
  • Full Coverage Foundation (Steal):  is my favorite drug store full coverage foundation by far.
  • Contour (Splurge): This has become a staple in my kit because the shades glide on smoothly and don’t look muddy.
  • Contour (Steal): I randomly discovered this and love it!
  • Highlight (Splurge):   is my favorite strobing cream.
  • Highlight (Steal): in After Glow is ultra-reflective on everyone.
  • Blush (Splurge):  is like nothing you’ve ever felt before. Just look at the way your brush picks up the fine powder and drapes it along the curves of your face! It must be experienced.
  • Blush (Steal):  is a gorgeous kaleidoscope of colors too!


  • Cleanser (Splurge): If you haven’t discovered yet, you’re in for a big surprise! It moisturizes as it cleans and leaves your skin feeling amazing.
  • Cleanser (Steal): I created my  to offer an affordable cleansing oil and convert everyone from soap and water, one friend at a time! I developed it with Camellia Oil (a replenishing oil), Calendula extract (super calming), Arnica extract (soothing) and Grapeseed Oil (an antioxidant powerhouse) and even the most acne-prone sufferers not only can use it, but will actually see their skin calm down and stop producing extra oil. While the dry-skin sufferers will get much-needed moisture instead of having it stripped of it from soap. You can still find a few left at Costco or the link above and I’ll do a tutorial soon to show how you use it without splashing! It’s a game changer in happy skin.
  • Moisturizer (Splurge): I can’t live without in my kit to instantly revive my clients skin.
  • Moisturizer (Steal): will change your life in the winter months.


  • Liner (Splurge): If you haven’t tried a gel liner pen yet, you’re missing out! I love .
  • Liner (Steal): is a steal.
  • Shadow (Splurge): When I finally got my hands on the , I literally squealed! It is absolutely gorgeous in the compact and more importantly, on the eye.
  • Shadow (Steal): I love as a less pricey alternative.
  • Mascara (Splurge): The wand from is like nothing you’ve ever tried before and it’s hard to go back to a regular one after you get the hang of it. And this one is on sale!
  • Mascara (Steal): If you are cool with using a shorter handle, you can get an expensive mascara for the price of a drug store one! I mean, it’s about the formula and the bristles any way. And is almost better than sex.
  • Brow (Splurge): Now that we are finally moving away from the stenciled, “drag queen” brow, create a feathered brow that darkens the hairs while keeping the skin showing behind them. I love to do just that.
  • Brow (Steal): (say that five times fast) is gorgeous too.


  • Matte (Splurge): OK lovelies, this is an extreme splurge, but it feels so decadent to pull it out of your handbag and apply it out with your friends!
  • Matte (Steal): This is friendlier to your wallet.
  • Gloss (Splurge): is like nothing you’ve ever felt on your lips before.
  • Gloss (Steal): Well this is a borderline steal but it works as blush too!




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