mirrors for vanities and bathrooms 2016

This weekend I started making over one of our bathrooms at the new TBD HQ. I’m on the hunt for a good small to medium sized mirror and figured I should take you guys along with! We wanted to save some money on the bathrooms because we still have the main office to finish as well as the shooting studio and as you know, decor adds up QUICK AF. These are some of the mirrors we found and are considering, and they’re all under $100 which I cannot believe! I’ll add links for each one. (ALSO– I’m dead over this pink bathroom up top that I found the other day on . If anyone knows who’s photo this is, I’m dying to know and would love to credit.)

mirrors the beauty department

  1.  ($44.99)
  2. ($130)
  3. ($19-39)
  4. ($89)
  5.  ($49.95)
  6. ($19-79)
  7. ($69-99)
  8. ($79 + ONLINE ONLY)

Do you have a favorite? We’re currently leaning toward #4, #6 and #8 because you can set cute things like a tiny flower arrangement or mini travel product on the ledge.




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