When you look at your bathroom or vanity counters (or your desk for that matter) and see everything perfectly organized, don’t you feel more productive and more inspired than usual? Even if it only lasts a week or two or three! Every year, I take a quick pause during the last weeks of December to organize, take inventory and give things away from my personal stash to friends I know who would want them. It’s a nice feeling on many levels and gets me just a little more pumped about starting the new year. The last week of the year is when I like to bust out these holiday gift cards and take a trip to organization nation. Target, Amazon, Bed Bath + Beyond, and the Container Store are my personal faves for finding good organization tools– particularly for beauty! Below are 44 very helpful get your stuff together in 2015! Click the names for the links! (I couldn’t find a link to the one above but it’s from Target and it was about $14.)

countertop bathroom storage the beauty department


I love countertop pieces because you can load them up and move them. I have a vanity in my bedroom next to a big window where I like to do my makeup if I have time. But if I’m in a rush, I do it in the bathroom where I do the rest of my beauty routine. Moving it back and forth is much easier when it’s all loaded into one or two of these organizers.

  1.  $13
  2.  $5
  3.  $12
  4.  $13
  5.  $12
  6.  $18
  7.  $9
  8.  $15
  9.  $9
  10.  $15
  11.  $
  12. $45

1organizer drawers the beauty department


Clear sliding drawers are awesome for pretty much anything. I keep the majority of my jewelry in these because I don’t like my metals to oxidize as much and I’m a lot less likely to lose pieces. Sliding drawers are also good for lipsticks because you can easily group them by shades. I also am obsessed with the one for sunglasses!

  1.  $20
  2. $15
  3. $30
  4. $150
  5. $20
  6. $22
  7. $18
  8. $60



If you’re working with a small space, you need every inch you can get. Grab one or two corner units to maximize on that space. Also stackers are awesome because they’re like little tiny bleachers for your bottles. As they stack up gradually, you can see labels and colors. I love to use things that were intended for the kitchen to organize my products. Always check the kitchen section!


  1.  $10
  2.  $10
  3.  $20
  4. $8
  5. $13
  6. $18
  7. $10
  8. $13

white makeup and beauty organizer the beauty department


Some peeps don’t like to see everything through clear containers, and that’s fine! Or maybe you have a white bathroom and want your beauty storage to match or give contrast. Here are lots of the same items in white!

  1. $18
  2. $11
  3. $30
  4. $9
  5. $12
  6. $21
  7. $20

drawer and cabinet organization the beauty department


It’s just as important to organize the things you can’t see and you’re a lot less likely to lose things if they have a specific home. Here are some of my favorites for under the counter and in the drawer! I love using a lazy susan in my lower cabinets so I can just spin it versus getting down low on your knees and knocking every single product over on your mission to find that one.

  1. $4
  2. $5
  3. $5
  4. $12
  5. $20
  6. $15
  7. $7
  8. $20
  9. $20