Hot roller favorites

photo by kristin ess, post by norah curlee

Blame it on Mad Men if you will, but hot rollers are making a comeback! There’s a reason why the women of yesteryear could always be spotted sporting a full set of these in salons everywhere. Curling your hair with an iron takes time, giving yourself a blow out can be difficult and labor intensive, but rollers take just minutes and free up your hands to move on with your beauty routine! You can eat breakfast, curl your lashes and freshen up your mani all while these hotties are doing the grunt work for you. Perfectly styled hair with minimal effort. Genius.

With so many different options available, there is a set out there for everyone, and naturally…we have a few favorites. Lets roll…


1. We love these jumbo rollers by  for creating larger curls/waves and they heat up in only 2 minutes!

2. This set from  has 2x the flocking for better heat protection and a smoother curl.

3. We love that this  has cool end rings…not burning your hands is always a good thing!

4. This option from is a bit of a splurge but comes with two different sizes and it’s ion levels help retain moisture to fight frizz.

5.  offers a 20 piece set with 3 various sizes to mix it up!

6. These by  have heated clips that add additional heat transfer for a longer lasting curl. Smart!

7. For the girls with hair for days! These by  tally in at 30 rollers…that should do it!

8. We love the temperature settings on thisset.

9. This 5-roller set from is perfect for travel with its compact case!


If you are someone who is pressed for time or just can’t be bothered to juggle a curling wand or round brush then hair rollers may just be your knight in shining armor. Are you already a roller girl? We want to know your holy grail set in the comments below!




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