Last week we explored four different ways to wear . For those of you that don’t feel up to wearing something so bright, we have a darker and slightly more wearable version for you today! But it still has major wow factor and brings all of the attention to your eyes. I can’t beg you enough to try it. When I describe it to my clients and friends, most are like eh. But when they let me try it on them, they die! I’m not sure why navy blue seems so scary or  not of interest but it’s such an amazing color on the eyes! On brown eyes the most, but on blue, hazel and green too. You just gotta try it for me. Then tag us on Instagram so I can see it! Here’s how: 


  • A Shimmer Pearl Shadow — I used in Chimere, the prettiest pearl shade with a hint of shimmer.
  • An Indigo Blue Waterproof Liner — I used in Midnight Blue, the perfect navy blue color that you can smudge until it sets then it won’t budge.
  • A Thin Liner Brush — I used , my go-to liner brush for gel liners that also works great for precision work like this.,
  • A Black Kohl or Kajal Pencil — I used in Black Ebony, my favorite for the inner rim because it’s dark enough to really show up but dry enough to stay put and not run.
  • Black Mascara — I used in Glossy Black, my new obsession for gorgeous lashes that aren’t stiff or clumpy.


  1. Sweep the pearl shadow all over the lid and crease.
  2. Line the upper lashline with the indigo blue liner by starting in the inside corner. The inside corner is often forgotten but it’s incredibly sexy to include it! So make sure to get in there and fill it in too. Then continue across the lid to the outside corner and wing it up and out.
  3. Repeat on the bottom lashline with the blue liner by starting in the inside corner and connecting it into a point where it meets the line that you drew on top.
  4. Continue to the outside corner then also wing it out until it meets the upper wing. Really get up in there in between the lashes when you’re lining across.
  5. Perfect the inside wing and outer wing with the liner brush. You have about 60 seconds to work with the line you drew before it sets, so don’t dilly dally!
  6. Rim the inner waterline with the black kohl pencil. Be sure to fill in any bare spaces where skin is peeking through.
  7. Finish with a couple coats of mascara.