Post + Photography by Amy Nadine, Graphic Design by Eunice Chun

We shared our tried and true concealer method with you a couple of months ago (revisit it !). But in the daytime when you’re subjected to harsh sunlight, classroom or office lighting (the worst!), you have to go a little more undercover with your camouflage. No prob. Here’s the deal: when you apply concealer directly on your bottom lids or on the under-eye “bags” themselves, it’s more noticeable because that area is raised. But if you only conceal the area just below the bottom lid and bag, leaving them bare, you knock down enough of the heavy part of the darkness to brighten up your eyes without anyone seeing the makeup.


  • Your Favorite Concealer — I’ve been obsessed with Make Up For Ever Lifting Concealer and  Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer for a few years now because they stay put and really cover without looking made up. Another amazing one to try is L’Oreal True Match Concealer.
  • A Dome-shaped Concealer Brush — Something about a dense round head really presses the product into the skin. Try the Tarte Undercover Lover Bamboo Concealer Brush.


  1. Apply a small pea size of concealer on the back of your hand then tap the brush into it to load it with product.
  2. Start at the inner corner of your eye and work by “stamping” the brush in two directions: up along the side of the bridge of your nose (never forget this area as it’s the easiest way to brighten your eyes!) then down in an arc-shaped semi-circle below your bottom lid (not on it).
  3. Lightly blend it with your finger. If you’re on the oilier side, go ahead and set it with powder, otherwise you should be fine without it.




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