Post + Photography by Amy Nadine, Graphic Design by Eunice Chun

Coming out of Winter and into Spring is my favorite time of the year! Be gone with the vamp and oxblood lips from the past months! There’s so much inspiration everywhere with daffodils popping up, cherry blossoms blooming and azaleas gazing and all can be transferred into makeup choices. There are many gorgeous collections that have come out for Spring and I hope this post inspires you to take a quick walk down the beauty aisle at your local drug or department store or browse online and brighten your look with a new feminine and fun lip color! And you probably already have a peach cream blush and a rose gold loose eyeshadow to add to it (just saying!).


  • Pink Lip Stain — As far as I’m concerned the best pink lip stain out there is especially if you’re like me and your lips don’t have much pigment to them naturally. But it’s an investment so if you just want to grab a really great stain that definitely stains your lips, is another staple in my kit.
  • Orange Cream Tint — I’m obsessed with the 100% vegan in Grandma not only layered over a lip stain but also on the apples of the cheeks.
  • Rose Gold Pigment — is an iconic loose mineral pigment and works beautifully pressed over lipstick. {Remember my last year?}
  • Fluorescent Lip Gloss — Neon is back and in Neon is the most brilliant fluorescent orange gloss with a hint of hot pink. It too is a bit of a splurge so if you’re not sure if you’re ready for it, try .


  1. Start with a quick sweep of the lip stain all over.
  2. Press your finger into the cream tint and stamp it across the entire lip.
  3. Sprinkle a little of the pigment onto a palette or press your finger directly into it to grab a thin layer. Then press the pigment either all over the lip area or just in the center of the top and bottom.
  4. Or if you really want to make it pop, add a layer of the neon gloss.

The fun part about makeup is, you can do all of these steps, a few of the steps or just one of them! Makeup is a form of expression and a chance to try new things in different seasons to get us out of our ruts. And Spring is a new beginning!




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