post: Jaclyn Johnson of SomeNotesOnNapkins.com graphic design: Eunice Chun

To get some genius last minute gift ideas, we went to our trusted gifting guru . Holidays are hard but have no fear, she’s here to help us find baubles and bling that are decently priced!
The Bling:
  • A Merry Mishap– is not only an adorable blog but an adorable etsy shop! I love (they come in a bunch of colors) and would pair great with a  perfectly coiffed top knot for a killer holiday look.
  • Also on our radar are that are too cute for words. (silence)
The Elements:
  • It’s Winter which means sleet, rain, snow, etc. but let your friends bear the elements in style with this
  • Or these .
The iPhone Addict
  • We all have the friend who grams/texts/tweets for a living. If your friend is glued to their iPhone try this .
  • And, for the design-obsessed lover .
The Feet:
  • These will hit the mark with any fashionista in your life.
  • I (personally) am addicted to the , they amp the style factor of any outfit!
The Paper Chaser
  • For the girl who keeps it old school by actually .
  • Or the pretty professional who
The Beauty Addict
You might think getting your beauty-addicted bestie their favorite product would be a win but maybe go outside the box with
Or this from Anthropologie.