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Last week we put up a chart that shows you HOW TO FIND YOUR FACE SHAPE. Hopefully you’ve all narrowed it down to one shape (or two if you’re a hybrid!) and are ready to talk about what cuts + styles work best for you. Don’t fret- we’re going to do a post on each of the 9 face shapes from our chart, so hang tight if you don’t see yours yet! It’s coming. Also, feel free to mix advice from two face shape posts if you think you’re a hybrid! Talk it over with your hairstylist if you’re not quite sure.

THE SQUARE: The goal with most face shapes we’ll talk about will be to either love it/embrace it/wear it proud like Olivia Wilde does in the bigger picture above with all of her hair pulled off of her face OR to do what you can to down-play your shape if it’s something that you don’t love. If you’re looking to down-play your square face shape, the goal will be to diffuse the 4 corners a little bit. Here are some great ways to do that.

  • SIDE SWEPT BANG- A soft, side swept bang that curves around (see bottom left photo) draws your attention more to the eyes instead of the corners of the jawline. That beautiful eye makeup doesn’t hurt either!
  • LOOSE NATURAL WAVES- With waves, you can create curves in all the right places. You can see how the hair curves in and diffuses the corners of Olivia’s jawline ever-so-slightly (see bottom left photo).
  • SLIGHTLY ANGLED LONG BOB (LOB)- The weight on a slightly angled bob is a tiny bit heavier up front near the face. That weight will keep the hair laying closer to your face and will also help down-play squareness.
  • CENTER PART- A center part will conceal the upper corners of your square shape. I love Olivia’s chignon here (see bottom center photo). The soft pieces that fall out in front lay lightly along the sides of her jawline which soften the square visually.
  • CHOPPY BANGS- I don’t usually recommend heavy blunt bangs for someone with a square face shape because it can make your jaw appear even more square, however if you want a heavier bang make them choppy and rounded on the sides (see bottom right photo).
  • PONYTAIL- This is the best way to wear a ponytail with a square face shape, in my opinion. The messy texture and loose, soft pieces in front allow you to play up the fact that you have a great jawline (consider yourself lucky because some of us don’t!) but the ponytail doesn’t look severe. It’s soft and feminine and works well with the harder lines of a square shape.
  • TOP KNOT- If you want to wear a top knot either just go for it and let that jawline shine or try pairing it with a “Bardot Bang” (which you can find it right HERE) to soften it up.
  • HAIRCUTS- No matter the length I always vote layers + waves, layers + waves, layers + waves! You can’t go wrong with pairing layers + waves with a square face shape because no matter how long or short, it softens the lines. If you have straight hair and a square face shape, ask your hairstylist to show you how to create some waves that flatter your face! If you have wavy or curly hair, lucky you.

Do you have a square face shape and a favorite way to wear your hair? Share it below. We love seeing our girls sharing info about what works and the experiences you’ve had! xo




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