photos by getty, wire image, wenn; post by amy nadine; graphic design by eunice chun

Hazel eyes are also a dream for makeup because like brown eyes, most shades are harmonious next to them, but with their green undertones and hints of gold and even grey, hazel eyes sparkle and are hard to take your eyes off of! Here are a few of my favorite tips + palettes:

GO MATTE: As you can see on Mila, Dianna + Emily above, matte shadows create the most drama and invoke a moodiness that’s undeniable. Try or .

FRAME IT BLACK: If you really want to demand all the attention to your eyes, frame them by rimming the inner waterline with a black kajal or longwear liner. Our favorites: in Blackened Black or Blackened Plum (perfect to contrast the hazel!) or  in Via Veneto.

HAZY SHADES OF PURPLE: When you want to bring out the green part of your eyes, turn to lavender and violet like Nicole and Kate. Try , the mecca in the world of purple palettes.


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