written by Jaclyn R. Johnson, post designed by Eunice Chun

The neon trend kicked off when every editor under the sun was carrying their  (you all know the one!). Now the trend has moved into hair accessories, nail polish, socks, shoes, you name it! As such, we have put together a must-have list of neon items that are all under $75. Why under  $75? I believe that one should always splurge on classic pieces and go cheaper on trends (like neon, navajo, etc.). That being said, here are my picks:

Bottoms: is making the hottest neon jeans out there (hands down) but I have to say  is coming in a close second and they are under $75!  Also on the radar and currently in my closet are the , they are amazingly flattering and perfect for summer!

Accessories: I absolutely love thisand thesefrom Topshop would look adorable paired with a summer wedge! I love the combination of the clear crystals and the bright neon ribbon in this  and one of my fav online jewelry shop’s, Bauble Bar, has some amazing pieces including these adorable !  I am also a big fan of the (of course paired with a loose tank!). Lastly, a  is a must have for the summer since it can add pop to any and all outfits.

Shoes: Neon shoes are showing major promise!  I think these super casual andare perfect to pair with a floral summer dress! And these adorable far more expensive then their $69 price tag and are definitely a must have.

Voila! You are all set! Nab a few of these neon items and you are sure to be on trend for the summer season!

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