photo: solve sundsbo

If you’re headed out on a rainy day, even walking to your car under an umbrella can become hazardous with sideways rain! So I have a little section of my makeup drawer designated with these five must-have waterproof + water-resistant items that I can’t live without:

  1. . It’s water resistant + mineral based and creates an oil-resistant barrier between your skin and makeup so the foundation has a better surface to adhere to. Eye + lip primers are great too, but I don’t want you spending more money than you should and honestly, you can use this primer on your eyelids + lips as well.
  2. . It’s as close to airbrushing as you can get without an airbrush machine and won’t move until you wash it off. It’s what I use on jobs to cover tattoos + bruises as well because it covers everything in one spray, is luminous and not cakey, and lasts all day.
  3. . I personally like to lock down my makeup with this hypoallergenic setting spray even on sunny days because I don’t have time to touch myself up throughout the day when I’m looking after my clients’ makeup. But it’s especially crucial on a rainy day! I spray it after I’ve applied everything but before mascara + lipstick.
  4. . I love a mascara that lasts like a waterproof one but still gives big volume (so hard to find!). This one won’t move even when you shower, so rain doesn’t stand a chance! But comes off with remover, don’t worry!
  5. . I love that it lasts up to 8 hours, has a glossy finish and comes in the happiest prettiest colors!

So that’s my secret weapon department of my makeup drawer! Can’t wait to read what’s in yours!