‘Tis the season for holiday parties! But unfortunately most of us don’t have time to run home for a full re-do after work or class. So here’s an easy and quick (5 minutes max!) breakdown of how to bump up your makeup from the morning without starting over.

1. Start by assessing your makeup in a mirror to see what’s traveled or dissipated.

2. Spritz your face with a hydrating mist to reactivate your foundation. Our model Rayne used Neroli Water by Kerstin Florian.

3. Using a Beauty Blender sponge or your fingers, smooth over any lines or creases.

4. With a cotton swab, clean up any mascara smears.

5. Using a shadow pencil, shade over your lid ,crease and bottom lash line then smooth out the edges with your finger. Rayne used Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Shadow Pencil in Mercury.

6. Add another coat of mascara. Rayne used Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Mascara.

7. Swirl a cream blush on top of the apples of your cheeks and blend with your finger. Rayne used a discontinued favorite of mine (sorry!) but Tarte Cheek Stain in Blissful is a really close match.

8. Finish by filling in your entire lips with a gloss pencil. Rayne used Tarte LipSurgence Natural Lip Stain in Enchanted.

XO, Amy Nadine



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