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Being a natural strawberry blonde with invisible eyebrows that have no natural arch, I’ve been going a brow specialist for years to shape and tint them and would die without her! I can’t stress enough how important brows are, and if you don’t have someone in your town who only does brows, don’t fret! You can ask your colorist at your favorite hair salon to add a little hair dye on them, or you can try an at-home kit. I saw Sarah Agajanian again last week for my monthly wax, trim + tint and asked her what her top five commandments for brows are to share with our readers. So without further ado, here’s what she so generously shared:

The 5 Eyebrow Commandments

Eyebrows are the essential frame of the face, these furry arches make or break your look. As an eyebrow sculptor + makeup artist at Damone Roberts Salon Beverly Hills I have acquired my top 5 commandments to perfect arches.

1. The importance of eyebrow gel: Always brush those babies up and out with a clear or colored gel to keep them manicured and out of your eyes. This is a must have. Also, do not fear eyebrow highlight right under your arch that will bring light to your eyes. Try: Damone Roberts Eyebrow Gel.

2. The beginning of your brows should not extend past the indent above your nostril. If your brows are TOO far apart or TOO close together your face will be thrown off balance.

3. Trimming. Little cuticle scissors or my fave Damone Roberts Eyebrow scissors are fabulous to have around. The trick to cutting your brows yourself is to brush the hair up with the direction of the hair growth and then trim the extra hair that passes the eyebrow line. Never brush your brows against the hair growth, you will end up with holes. Try: Damone Roberts Scissors.

4. Color. The color of your brows should compliment your hair color and skin color. You have options. Fill them in with a light shadow or dye them. You can tint your brows lighter or darker. Sometimes my clients feel like they have NO brows, I throw a little bit of tint on them and POW there they are. Just a little bit of tint can go a long way!

5. Stick with what mama gave ya! If you are born with thick beautiful brows, honor that. Shape your brows around the natural shape of your bone structure. Your genes are original and you cannot ever look and be someone else. Aim for your own perfection.

Good luck to you and your brows!

XO, Sarah




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