photos: lilylock..com + katja rahlwes

Madison Avenue tells us that we should go to any lengths to have long lashes (yes, pun intended!). So we buy lash-growing serums and lengthening mascaras so we too can fit the mold. But there’s something very chic and downtown about shorter lashes, too. Especially loaded up with a volumizing mascara to really coat the roots and make an impact. And this is nothing against those born with long lashes!!  This is more to remember, like everything in life, why not embrace what we were given and rock it with pride?

Here’s how:

1. Go back and forth with the mascara wand horizontally, wiggling between the lashes.

2. Next, paint each lash with the wand tip by holding it vertically.

3. Move on to another task like blush or lipstick, then come back and apply another coat of mascara as directed above.

4. Go get dressed or dry your hair, then apply one final coat.

It sounds like a lot, but I can’t tell you how much more of a payoff the extra coats give, especially if your lashes are on the shorter side. Every day I stare at people’s lashes around me in dismay that they rushed it and their lashes aren’t doing anything for them. It’s worth it, I promise!

XO, Amy Nadine




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