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We have a lot of options for our eyebrows these days, depending on our skill level, taste and what moods we happen to be in that day… we can leave them bare or fill them in for definition, or we can go extreme by bleaching them or filling them in darker and wider. Read on for inspiration and tips on each look.

BARE: This natural brow creates a soft and ultra-feminine look. It can be acheived by combing through them with a spooly brush, disposable mascara wand, brow brush or brow comb. Always comb each individual hair in an upward and outward direction. Then set them with a clear brow gel or with hairspray. (Don’t spray directly on the brows though! Spray the brush/comb immediately prior to use.)

DEFINED: This perfectly-groomed brow creates a very put-together look. If you are one who takes pride in making sure your nails are always done, your shoes and handbags match and your outfits are well-tailored, you have to wear this brow. It can be acheived by first cleaning up your brows at home using Lauren’s Brows 101 tutorial or having them professionally shaped at a salon. Then fill them in with a brow pencil or shadow in the exact same shade as your own brow color, using the techinique of drawing dozens of individual hairs with quick little flicks of your wrist, mimicking your own hairs’ growth direction. Spend a little time accentuating your arch and finishing the end with a pointed line.

BOLD: This extreme brow creates a very strong and rigid look that’s really popular on runways and editorial shoots in magazines. So why did I include it? Because for one thing, it shows you how much of an impact the brows have on your face, really framing the eyes. One night, fill in your brows a couple shades darker than your own brow hair color and a little wider than their natural shape. There are brow stencils at your local drug store that can help you play with different arched shapes. You might really like this new look on you (I’m obsessed with it on myself after a decade of insisting on keeping my brows bare!) Or with all the fun camera apps on our phones now, why not create your own photo shoots with friends and see what you look like with bold brows?

BLEACHED: Yes this look is very extreme and won’t work on everyone. But we only live once, so if there’s a side of you that’s always been a little curious about how you’d look with bleached brows, I’d first cover them up with cream foundation (use a sponge and stipple the product over the brows) then step back from the mirror and see if you like it.  If you really like the way it makes your cheekbones more prominent, then visit your salon and have them bleached professionally (please don’t try it on your own at home!).

XO Amy Nadine