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Fall is days away and I couldn’t be more excited to start vamping my clients on the red carpet. I wish I could do this trend on each and every one of you too but I can do the second best thing by empowering you with how to do replicate this silent-film-era look yourselves!

First you’ll need to figure out which shade will look best on you. Here are my suggestions, but know that since you’ll  overlap in categories, it’s best to hit a makeup counter and play until you find the perfect hue(s).

Fair skin: deep crimson

Beige skin: dark plum

Olive-toned skin: deep burgundy

Yellow-toned skin: brown-red

African-American light-medium skin: deep berry

African-American medium-dark skin: dark wine

Blond hair: dark plum

Red hair: deep mahogany

Brown hair: deep burgundy

Black hair: dark wine

Once you have found your perfect shade, here are two options to pair it with, depending on how far you want to take it…

Level One: Keep it simple. It’s such a statement on its own and looks gorgeous with taupe-y neutrals or soft greys on the lids and softly-sculpted nude cheeks. Skip eyeliner or only line the inner waterline with a grey liner. Comb your brows upward and set with a brow gel or spray a little hairspray on the comb first. Coat your lashes with a black mascara. Use the lip color straight out of the tube OR dab it on with your finger for more of a stain.

Level Two: If you’re feeling really vamp-ish and provocative, pair it with a smoky eye, smoking it with black or dark grey shadows for those wearing the more blue-based vamp lip or smoking it with golds and coppers for the more brown-based vamp lip. Line both of your upper and lower lash lines with a black smudged liner, including the inner waterline. Fill in your brows with a matching shade or one shade darker and really coat your lashes black. Fill in your lips with the matching vamp color lip liner all over first, then follow with the lip color straight from the tube. You can even add a clear gloss on top to really create a power pout. Contour your cheeks channeling the and you’re guaranteed to turn heads! If you need a refresher on contouring, click here for Lauren’s tutorial.

With both levels, please make sure your lips are in their very best condition by using a homemade lip scrub and prepping them with good balm. It’s a must!

XO Amy Nadine